Crazy Optical Illusions

By: Gabe P.

Have you ever seen an optical illusion? If not, it is a picture with a bunch of weird patterns that trick your brain. Some of them look like circles with weird patterns. Some of them appear to turn around, right? Well, if you look closely, they aren’t moving. But some of them don’t have to be weird patterns. Some of them are weird shapes that have lines that aren’t supposed to overlap, but they do. I can’t explain it too well, but here is a link with all sorts of optical illusions. On the right hand side of the page, there are little icons with the illusion on it. Click it, and the rest of the page will explain the illusion.


More Optical Illusions


Some optical illusions are really confusing, and I don’t blame you if you can’t solve one of them. One of them is the triangle.

This one is very confusing. I’m not really sure on how this is possible in real life. There is one famous person called M.C.Escher. He was known for his optical illusions. He made lots of them. The two optical illusions above are confusing. But take a look at this one below.

Take a close look at the circles. They look like they are turning, right? But if you look closely, they aren’t moving. All of the colors on the circles trick your brain and make it look like they are moving. Now I’m not going to add a whole lot of pictures, so I’ll just explain them to you. There is this one where there are columns of black and white going vertically, but the twist is that they aren’t lined up. Also, there are lines running through horizontally, so it looks like the lines are sloped. But if you look closely, they aren’t sloping. A lot of optical illusions can be like pictures or paintings of places, but if you look at it closely or from a different perspective, they might show a face or a person. They also have a random face. But what’s really cool about these faces is that if you look upside down, it has another face, too. I can’t explain it too well, so here’s a picture of one.

See, they are two different faces. Look upside down, and they are the opposite face. There are some really cool ones called chalk art, where people paint or draw crazy things on streets or roads and they actually look like they’re real. But the truth is, that there are lots of optical illusions, so you can use the link that I provided above, or you can look them up on the internet. And just like the title suggests, these optical illusions can be crazy. So leave comments on this question with your blog URL: Which other famous optical illusion people do you know?


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