Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is the best game ever. You can get it on your tablet or phone. You basically tap the screen to jump, fly your ship through secret passages, and much more. You can create your own levels and play other online levels that other people have created. You can play map packs, which have 3 online levels in them. You can also unlock different icons, ships, UFOs, and balls. So far, there are 18 levels. Very soon, though, there is a new update coming out. It is Geometry Dash update 2.0. The difficulties for any level are easy, normal, hard, harder, insane, and demon. Demon means extremely hard. All the 18 levels have 3 secret coins that you can collect. It’s kind of like New Super Mario Bros., as the coins are hidden in secret places. You can also travel upside down, backwards, and even go into mini mode! Geometry Dash was created by a guy named Robert Topala, but he calls it Robtop Games. So the 18 levels are called Stereo Madness, Back On Track, Polargeist, Dry Out, Base After Base, Can’t Let Go, Jumper, Time Machine, Cycles, xStep, Clutterfunk, Theory Of Everything, Electroman Adventures, Clubstep, Electrodynamix, Hexagon Force, Blast Processing, and Theory Of Everything 2. In the new update, they will be adding another hard level called Deadlocked. One thing I absolutely have to say about this game is that the music is awesome! The creators of the music are Foreverbound, Djvi, Step, Waterflame, and Dj-Nate. If you want to download the music, I would highly recommend Waterflame. On the iTunes store, you can only find Djvi and Waterflame. The level difficulties get harder as they go on. So when you fly the ship, you keep your finger down to make it go up, then let it go to make it go down. When you fly the UFO, it is like Flappy Bird, where you are constantly tapping. When you go in the ball, you tap and the ball goes up and it stays up there. Tap again and then it will go down. Then there is one more called Wave Mode. It is a lot like the ship, except it travels diagonally. When you let go, it goes straight down. Some parts might be confusing, but when you keep on playing and playing, you get better. If I could rate this game, I would rate it infinity stars. So I would highly recommend getting this game right now on the app store. There is a lite version, which only goes up to Time Machine. The full game costs 1.99. So get Geometry Dash now!!!

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